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Cone Beam CT SCAN

A typical dental x-rays are 2 dimensional (2D) and there are limitations when viewing a 2D x-rays due to overlapping lack of sharpness, technique sensitive and high radiation exposure to the patient. With the 3D­xray, it is taking multiply exposures at once creating a more complete visual of the area of interest. 


Why is it important?

With the 3D­ x-ray, our dentists can view the images from any angle and in different magnifications, to see the relationships between bones, teeth, airways, nerves and tissues to produce a more safe and effective treatment plan. The more complete information that is attained before procedure, the greater the patient care becomes. This means more confidence and satisfaction in your treatment.


Below are a few common reasons doctors choose to have their patients scanned at our facility:


– Teeth, Hard Tissues and Surrounding Anatomical Evaluation
– Dental Implant Diagnosis and Treatment Planning
– Orthodontic Evaluation & Treatment
– Impacted / Wisdom Teeth Surgery
– Guided Implant Surgery
– Sinus / Airway Evaluation

- Endodontic

Please Note:
3-Dimension CBCT Scans are considered premium diagnostic imaging procedures.
If you have a third party dental benefit package through your employer, please note that CBCT Scans do not qualify as routine dental x-ray procedures.

Referral Form and Imaging Fee Schedule: (Click on the image below) 

For more information, please contact ADG Dental at 604.738.3803 or email us at

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