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Dental Implants

Dr. Crispin Horng has over 25 years of experiences and have completed thousands of dental implant treatments successfully. We only use implants from Nobel Biocare, a world leader in implant technology. We have everything we could possibly need on-site to provide implants in a safe and professional environment. We are one of few dental clinics to have a dental CT scanner.This enables us to avoid damage to important nerves in the jaws and to the sinuses. The CT scanner allows us to diagnose with accuracy if your bone is suitable for implants, instead of having to undergo a painful investigation under an anesthetic. Such equipment doesn't come cheap but as we place so many implants we keep the cost to the patient much lower than would be expected. 


What is a Dental Implant:


A dental implant is an alternative way to replace a missing tooth or teeth that will look and feel natural. It is composed of titanium which has a special property allowing the dental implant to fuse to bone (osseointegration). Dental implants help with maintaining support and structure of bone and surrounding structures. It will also aid in daily functions such as eating, smiling, and talking. Some adjunct procedures for dental implants include bone and gum grafts (for more information, see the Bone and Gum Grafting tab under Oral Surgery & Periodontal Therapy).


Not everyone is the right candidate for this procedure, such as smokers. To be a candidate for a dental implant a number of criteria must be met in order to successfully support an implant. Most importantly, you should have good general health and your oral tissues should be clean and healthy and there must be enough bone volume present having adequate density.


To schedule an appointment, please contact ADG Dental at 604.738.3803 or fill out our simple appointment form and our receptionist will contact you within two business day. 

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