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Dentists perform extractions for a number of reasons. When a tooth cannot be repaired due to extensive damage from tooth decay or cracked from injury, this procedure is performed. When no other solutions are viable the dentist will opt for taking the tooth out with an extraction.




Third molar, commonly referred as wisdom teeth, are found at the back of your mouth and very hard to clean properly. Wisdom teeth are often extracted because they become infected, cause poor alignment from impaction, or pain. The dentist will determine if a wisdom tooth needs to come out and will look at the patient’s individual situation.


If impaction of one or more wisdom teeth is present, and left untreated, a number of potentially harmful outcomes can occur, including:

  • Damage to nearby teeth: Second molars (the teeth directly in front of the wisdom teeth) can be adversely affected by impacted wisdom teeth, resulting in tooth decay (cavities), periodontal disease (gum disease) and possible bone loss.

  • Disease: Although uncommon, cysts and tumors can occur in the areas surrounding impacted wisdom teeth.

  • Infection: Bacteria and food can become trapped under the gum tissue, resulting in an infection. The infection can cause considerable pain and danger.

  • Tooth Crowding: When there is not enough space for the wisdom tooth to erupt into the mouth, they can rotate towards the adjacent tooth and put pressure on other teeth and cause them to become misaligned (crowded or twisted). 


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